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Construction worker falls from building, survives


Work accidents are usually the product of speed-ups, cost-cutting, and short-cuts imposed by economic rationales.  They only appear random from the disorienting perspective of the media, who provide a “neutral” screen to cover up the bosses’ responsibility.

From the IDS:

Shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday, Bloomington Fire Department responded to a report that a worker from a construction site fell from a building at the intersection of Ninth Street and College Avenue.

Upon arrival at the scene, the worker was found lying on construction debris with visible wounds from the fall, BFD said.

The worker was alert and oriented. The individual was treated at the scene and sent to IU Health Bloomington Hospital, BFD said.

BFD said there were mixed reports about where the worker fell from, but that the worker said it was from scaffolding.