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IU Trustees Meeting Gets Weird


During the Indiana University trustees meeting this afternoon, students literally turned their backs on the administrators, lackeys, and bigwigs, in order to hold their own assembly.  Thirty people took over a third of the conference room to discuss their conditions and frustrations (including debt, powerlessness, the closing of the women’s office, and environmental destruction), and begin proposing methods of struggle between themselves.  Having few illusions regarding the value of “dialogue” with professional liars, the focus was on self-organization and exposing the illegitimacy of the power of the trustees.  As the meeting went on, the trustees appeared increasingly disconcerted until they could no longer effectively carry on conversation and left.  Luckily, despite heightened tensions with the many IUPD cops stationed there, no arrests occurred.

A communiqué posted widely on campus after the disruption.

Update: Auditorium Evicted Early This Morning


Those who were holding space at the Fine Arts Building awoke this morning to the presence of about 25 cops, as well as administration. By 9 o’clock, as many of those staying in the auditorium had left for work or class, the cops’ numbers swelled to about 35.  The occupiers were outnumbered 2:1, and so decided to gather their things and march out together.  The rest of the morning was spent strategizing and covering the Fine Arts Building and the campus with fliers to alert the student body of the previous night’s events.

From the OccupyIU twitter: “this is not over yet!”

Here’s a few more texts that made their way out of the auditorium last night…

This is Good Enough.

Solidarity with Immigrants

IU Art Auditorium OCCUPIED – Get over here!



IU Art Auditorium is currently being Occupied, get down here ASAP!  There will be food, hanging out, movies, discussions, and anything else your heart desires.

The auditorium is located in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, the building on your left when you come into the traffic circle at the dead-end of 7th st on campus.  The auditorium is the first room on your left when you walk in the front door.

For blow-by-blow action, follow @OccupyIU

We’re having an indoor demo!

Mass Assembly – TONIGHT


If you’re getting into debt…

If you’re against campus austerity…

If you’re angry about tuition hikes…

If you’re sick of being powerless and disorganized…

If you distrust the representative organizations that don’t represent you…

Then take a first step by attending the MASS ASSEMBLY

This assembly is called by Occupy IU, but it’s an open initiative. Anyone who wants to organize and take action against campus austerity should come, preferably with their own proposals .

The goal is not to create a new organization but to collectively construct a strategy for reversing tuition hikes, rising student debt, privatization, and the campus apathy that enables everything else.

In order to launch the kind of campus-wide struggle necessary to transform IU, we want to bring together hundreds of people to speak out and offer their ideas. Not just students, but anyone who works at or uses IU.

TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT, 5.30 pm, IU Art  Museum Lawn.


Update, 3pm: A little gift, a little inspiration, for our comrades-but-students ❤