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Wildcat Strike in Indianapolis


From Jacobin‘s excellent interview with Antoine Dangerfield:

“…Antoine Dangerfield’s recent viral video [is] a must-watch. A thirty-year-old welder in Indianapolis, Dangerfield worked for a construction contractor building a UPS hub. On Tuesday, he says that a small number of Latino workers (millwrights, welders, and conveyor installers, in his telling) working for a different contractor but in the same hub were ordered home after disobeying the orders of a white boss he calls racist.

In response, the entire group of workers — over a hundred, in Dangerfield’s estimation — walked out.

Dangerfield caught their wildcat strike on camera at the moment they walked off the job. In his video, he is positively giddy watching them shut down their massive workplace.

“They are not bullshitting!” he says as Latino workers walk off. Referring to the boss, he says, “They thought they was gonna play with these amigos, and they said, ‘aw yeah, we rise together, homie.’ And they leaving! And they not bullshitting!””

Read Dangerfield’s words here.

Resistance to Police Murder in Evansville


From Where the River Frowns:

PDF of handbill from the vigil:  Thoughts on the Murder of Ricky Ard
More background here.
August 29, 2017:

Evansville residents gathered tonight outside the Winfield K. Denton Federal Building to hold a vigil for Ricky Ard who was murdered earlier today by police.

Approximately sixty people attended the spontaneous vigil, which was organized by word of mouth and social media. Although no centralized group took responsibility for organizing the event, the group appeared unified in their message that Ard’s murder was unjustified.


Poster at the vigil reads “Rest In Power Ricky Ard 8.29.2017” (Photo: Where the River Frowns)

Attendees lit candles, wrote messages in chalk on the sidewalk, talked about their experiences with police brutality, and exchanged contact information throughout the night.

Those who knew Ard shared stories about him. A woman who said she had known Ard her whole life said that he was a good neighbor and a kind man who often helped out elderly people in their neighborhood. She also said that he was physically disabled and suffered from some kind of mental illness.

Another Evansville resident who recently retired from the military shared his experiences as an Iraq War veteran. He said that his “rules of engagement” during active combat in Iraq were more restrictive than those followed by the Evansville Police Department and that, had he been confronted by a man swinging a baseball bat in Iraq, he would have been expected to use non-lethal means of disarming him.

One woman demanded that police release body camera footage of the shooting and led the group in chanting “show me the body cam!”

Those present at the vigil discussed meeting up tomorrow, Wednesday, August 30, at 11 a.m. outside the federal building for a rally in protest of Ricky Ard’s murder.


Sidewalk chalk outside the federal building reads “Bat vs 2 Guns = Excessive Force” (Photo: Where the River Frowns).

Sidewalk chalk outside the federal building calls attention to police murders across the U.S. this year (Photo: Where the River Frowns)


Poster taped to a light post outside the federal building reads “Show me the body cam” (Photo: Where the River Frowns)


Poster taped to a post outside the federal building reads “E is NOT for everyone. RIP Ricky Ard” (Photo: Where the River Frowns)

Call in to support dignified prisoner Jimmy Jones


Received and posted:

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones, a long-term inmate at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, IN recently faced retaliation for using the prison’s grievance process, after his access to Afro-centric reading material was denied. His property was stolen by a corrections officer and he was prevented from attending a vocational class. After filing grievances, Jimmy was moved to a high security part of the prison and stripped of his good time credit.

This is unjust!

As of February 15th, 2016, Jimmy has been clear of any Class A or B conduct reports for almost 2 years.

Call Wabash Superintendent Brown and IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon and ask, why is Jimmy Jones (#891782) being punished for utilizing the prison grievance process?

Who to Call:
1) Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Ask for Superintendent Brown and/or Unit managers Hunt and Blazingame.
2)Indiana Department of Corrections Office

Chief of Staff Randy Koester

Commissioner Bruce Lemmon

Note – In all likelihood, the prison admin will tell you that he wasn’t transferred for using the prison grievance process, but that they can’t tell you the reason he was transferred.

Banners in Solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners from Indiana


From Anarchist News:

We hung two banners to honor anarchist and antifascist comrades from Bloomington who have
been kidnapped by the state.

Marie Mason is doing 22 years for actions including arsons against developments on
Lake Monroe, while the members of the Tinley Park 5 are doing 1-5 years for violently
breaking up a nazi meeting. Even with so much repression, struggles here continue to develop
along lines of class-conscious action, against all forms of domination.

We will never forget our prisoners.

Solidarity with the comrades in Brussels. We won’t rest until their prison-world is reduced to ashes.

TP5We ❤ the Tinley Park 5.  Support Antifascist Fighters.

MMSupport Marie Mason.  Hometown hero!

Tinley Park Five Accept Non-Cooperating Plea Bargain


From Tinley Park Five Support Committee:

On January 4, 2013 all members of the Tinley Park Five accepted a non-cooperating plea bargain in which they each plead guilty to three felony counts of Armed Violence in exchange for “lenient” sentences and the guarantee of ‘day-for-day’ good behavior. Jason Sutherlin was sentenced to 6 years. Cody Lee Sutherlin and Dylan Sutherlin were sentenced to 5 years. Alex Stuck and John Tucker were sentenced to 3 1/2 years due to their youth and complete lack of criminal history. Each will be placed upon two years of supervised release upon release from prison.

Before the plea was accepted, the State offered the Tinley Park Five one last chance to betray their comrades in exchange for their freedom. What a waste of time! As anarchist and antifascists, the Tinley Park Five are no more capable of selling out the struggle than their broken system is capable of reforming itself! They laughed at the offer and bravely accepted their fate.

Credit was given for the 7 months already served in Cook County. They will receive ’day-for-day’ good time credit which effectively cuts the sentences in half. The state of Illinois also offers several programs and classes which can chip away at sentences. Optimistically, Alex and John could be out before Christmas 2013. Dylan and Cody could be out my Autumn 2014. Jason could be out by Christmas 2014. This is all hypothetical and highly speculative of course.

On Monday January 7th, the Tinley Park Five will be transferred to Stateville for between one and three weeks. There the Illinois Department of Corrections will decide where they will spend the duration of their sentences. Until this decision is reached PLEASE HOLD ALL MAIL. If you wish to donate to the Tinley Park Five at this time we ask that you use WePay rather than money orders at this time, as we’re concerned that they will get lost or delayed as the Tinley Park Five are being transferred between facilities. We’re working on trying to quickly raise as much money as possible to ease this transition.

Make no mistake, it is with great sorrow that we accept just how long we’ll be separated from our dear friends, but they will not be forgotten nor will their struggle cease in their absence. This support crew will continue to advocate for each of them in whatever they decide to do until every last one of them is free. Communiques from several members of the Tinley Park Five to their supporters are expected soon and will be posted on this website.

The Tinley Park Five as well as their supporters, comrades, family, and friends would like to thank Aaron Goldstein, Sara Garber, Brian Barrido, James Fennerty, Stuart Smith, Matthew Dodge, and everyone else who assisted in their legal defense. They would also like to thank the National Lawyer’s Guild for connecting these attorneys with the Tinley Park Five as well as the People’s Law Office for consulting with us in the initial stages of this ordeal.

The Tinley Park Five also wanted to thank Chicago Anarchist Black Cross as well as South Side for their help in bringing people out to their most recent court appearance. Seeing so many supporters meant more than you could know to them. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. Thanks to everyone on the interwebz for helping to get the word out about it so well.

I was able to speak with Jason this morning and Alex last night and both of them asked that there be a public acknowledgement of all the groups who have humbled us with their support thus far. Thanks to Denver ABC, Salt Lake City ABC, New York City ABC, Rose City Antifa, Southside Chicago Anti-Racist Action, Philly ARA, Lafayette HARM, Circle City ARA, One People’s Project, Bursts-o-Goodness, Political Fail Blog, Sacramento Prisoner Support, M1AA, IWW, VICE, Worker’s World (especially NYC and Detroit affiliates), the Btown crew, as well as anyone who’s attended a letter-writing party, a court date, or came to visit. Thanks to the countless organizations that I apologize in advance for forgetting to mention.

Thanks to all of you Anonymous gangsters that had our backs with #opStormfrontRaid. Dirty South, whoever you are, you’re a life-saver, literally. Thanks to anyone who has stepped up in any way they could whether that be sharing a link or donating a couple dollars.

Thanks to everyone that has helped, but please don’t forget… the Tinley Park Five aren’t going to be in the news headlines as often but they are still going to need just as much support. We ask that you not forget about the Tinley Park Five! Please keep the benefit shows, letter-writing parties, and other acts of solidarity coming as they’re needed now as much as ever.

We’ll leave you with this quote, nearly a century old, which still rings just as true today:

“Your Honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth. I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” – Eugene Debs 1918

Yours in Solidarity,

Tinley Park Five and Support Crew

January 4th: Pack the Courtroom for the Tinley Park 5!


Five antifascists who are accused of attacking a meeting of Nazis in a Chicagoland restaurant last May have an important court appearance on January 4th at 11am.  This is a big, important date for these guys, so as many people who can should come up to Chicago to show them support.  More details below:

from A-news:

Mon, 12/17/2012 – 19:04

The Tinley Park Five were in court today to respond to the offer reached in the 402 conference. A continuance was issued today and the court will proceed with a previous motion to suppress the arrests of May 19, 2012. This motion will be heard on Jan 4, 2013 at 11 am at Bridgeview Courthouse. Our comrades are requesting that supporters and sympathizers try to make it to this court date if they can, so the court can see the defendants are supported by the community it claims our friends are a threat to.

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross will be posting updates via this facebook group.

Transportation will be available if needed. If you are driving yourself try to arrive 15 minutes early and we will meet in front of room 110. Free parking is available.

Google Maps for courthouse: https://plus.google.com/112242116144356542505/about?gl=us&hl=en

For more information about the case visit: http://tinleyparkfive.wordpress.com/

Thanks for doing your best to make it.

Bloomington Residents Protest I-69, Keystone XL Pipeline at Offices of Crider & Crider


While Governor Mitch Daniels hosts invitation-only events along the new Interstate 69 extension commemorating the opening of the first 67 miles of the controversial highway project, some Bloomington residents, along with Glacier’s Edge Earth First!, held a demonstration at the offices of Crider & Crider, Inc., in Bloomington.

The demonstration is part of a series of actions happening worldwide to express solidarity with the blockade of the Keystone XL pipeline in East Texas and to protest continued investment in a fossil fuels-based economy. Crider & Crider was chosen as a site for the protest because the contracting company has been awarded contracts to build part of I-69 in Monroe County, where opposition to the project has been overwhelming.

Demonstrators used pots and pans, a squeezebox, beans in tupperware, and other noise makers to disrupt business at the office for nearly an hour before police arrived.

Both the Keystone XL pipeline and the I-69 extension project represent a powerful minority pushing through an environmentally and socially destructive infrastructure project, while ignoring mass opposition from those most directly impacted–the communities through which the projects pass.

Opposition to both I-69 and the Keystone XL pipeline has been fierce, and the repression of such dissent has been more so. In Indiana, opponents of the highway project have been harassed by state and local police, arrested and charged with outlandish felony charges (which were later dropped on statutory grounds), and have been subjected to SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). The same pattern has emerged among opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline, as protestors from Texas to Alberta–where much of the tar sands oil to be pumped through the pipeline originates–have faced severe police brutality, frivolous felony charges, and SLAPP suits.

The effects of climate change are impossible to ignore, with record droughts in the Midwest and devastating storms worldwide becoming commonplace. It is due time for our society to move past the antiquated and destructive methods of job-creation of the past and towards a sustainable future.

Today’s demonstration serves to draw a connection between these two projects. While the governor and his high-powered backers celebrate the progress of 20th Century infrastructure, we are calling for a new direction.

We ask, which is more important, short-term construction jobs or the long-term viability of human life on this planet?

For more information, visit http://www.tarsandsblockade.org, or contact Glacier’s Edge Earth First! at glaciersedge@riseup.net.