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Locks glued in solidarity with Mexican comrades and Indiana prison rebels


Reposted from Anarchist News:

A week ago we glued the locks of Bloomingfoods, an eco-capitalist cooperative. This was done in solidarity with Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon, three comrades held captive by the Mexican state, and with all those in Westville Correctional Facility currently on hunger strike against yet another attack against their dignity in the form of low-quality bagged lunches.

As anarchists, we have no nation, but we also act upon our immediate conditions. Bloomington is seeing the proliferation of small, chic eco businesses like Bloomingfoods, which disguise the real nature of capitalism and exploitation via “cooperative” forms and “ecologically-conscious” products. Along with this spread of disgusting yuppie businesses comes the extension and deepening of repression and surveillance through expanding the police force and increasing the number of CCTV cameras throughout downtown. All of this is done to eliminate the homeless, the vandals, the poor, and all those who, through their actions or their very existence threaten the gentrification of this town.

Our action was just a minor act of sabotage against these mechanisms of control and exploitation, a small gesture of love to those outside of our little hell who are fighting their own infernos. While we harbor no illusion that such acts, in and of themselves, can destroy this miserable world, we refuse to wait. As we struggle daily in a million other ways, we take time to refine our tactics, experiment with possibilities, and build our courage. The targets are everywhere. The tools are easily accessible. You need only yourself to act.

With love for Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon.
With rage for the prison rebels in Westville.
Death to prison society!