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New Years Challenge for Bloomington: Hunt the Meters!


A communique gleaned from Anarchistnews.org:

The city of Bloomington installed parking meters across downtown over the summer. To respond, we just ruined two blocks worth of them.

The parking meters are a major part of the plan to gentrify the city. They control who can afford to go downtown: The more and more bougie businesses moving in everywhere (microbreweries, boutiques, etc etc) need consumers who can afford to pay 2 dollars/hour to be out in public. And everyone else who can’t afford that is just getting in the way of progress. The city announced last week that the meters are paying for two new police units targeted against the homeless and street artists. The connection is blatant because both targets are embarrassing barriers to the sanitized, eco-yuppie paradise our town’s leaders dream of.

Bloomington’s a small town and there’s not THAT many meters. If we destroy them all, it’ll be a black eye on all the gentrification plans and will choke off funding for these new cops.

Here’s the challenge: let’s sabotage all the meters before the end of the year. Get with your friends and hit a bunch at night or just do one at a time during the day by yourself. Bonus points for creative methods! The ones we used or saw used on other meters are: superglue, paint, spraypaint, hammers, sawz-alls.

We can do this! Fuck gentrification, fuck cops!
-Some Bloomington anarchists.