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March 6: Screening of “Insurgence”


insurgenceposter-page-001Collins Living-Learning Center in the Brown Cinema (near 11th and Woodlawn) March 6th at 8pm.  Preview:


Insurgence is a documentary about the vast social mobilization that took place in Quebec during the spring of 2012. Initially propelled by the student strike for accessible education, the scope of the movement soon broadened to take on the government, the impunity and violence of the Montreal police force, the exploitation of untapped natural resources, and the current economic system.

The strength of the “Printemps Érable” is rooted in anonymity. The movement allows the common to flow through dispersal, reaching into the solitude of each protester. Each one recognizes her situation in that of the others; affective resonance is transmuted to a point of fusion. Repression can only break up linear collectivities; here, at every turn, at every corner, the common returns in a swarm.

Printable poster for the event:  insurgenceposter

Film Screening! “Working Slowly”



A film about 1977 in Bologna, Italy, following the interactions between two young men from the projects and students involved in Radio Alice – a radio station that refuses structure and bosses, and helps to mobilize the student movement.

Student Building 150
Wednesday 2/12 at 8:30pm

working slowly printable flyer

Film Series


Cinema Against The Existent (PDF)

Sunday, November 11th at 2pm: Lucio (2007)- The true story of the humble bricklayer from Navarre who foiled banks and forged documents, aiding some of the most important struggles of the 20th century. Spanish and french with English subtitles.

Monday December 3, 6:30pm: In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni (1978)- “No wising up and no settling down.” Situationist Guy Debord’s autobiographical memoir of anti-art and social war. French with English subtitles.

Sunday, December 9th, 2pm: If…(1968)- “War is the last possible creative act.” A rebellious group of friends declare open war against their prestigious British public school. Hilarity ensues.

All films will be shown in the Main Auditorium of the Monroe County Public Library.