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Emergency Solidarity Gathering for Standing Rock, tomorrow

Received and posted:
As you all have probably heard, the police launched a sustained and violent attack on the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock last night. Here is some coverage: https://www.unicornriot.ninja/?p=10476. An emergency solidarity gathering has been called for this Sunday at 3 pm at the intersection of Grimes and the B-Line (next to the Center for Sustainable Living offices/toolshare).

Rubber bullets, military vehicles, exploding beanbags, and LRADS were all deployed against the water protectors, and this level of provocation cannot go unanswered. The 141 protesters who were arrested are also not being offered bail. So we want to convene a discussion and settle on a plan of action to make sure we don’t leave Standing Rock isolated at this crucial moment.

Meeting against the social cleansing of People’s Park



A call out to discuss resistance to the city’s recent attempts at social cleansing in People’s Park. The DRO Police have instructed churches not to offer food to park denizens, have chased away citizens offering clothes and lunch, have attempted to target and ban Food Not Bombs, have threatened to chase out a local Street Outreach Project and have requested that the Indiana Recovery Alliance cease doing outreach early next month.
The mayor and police recently announced a plan to increase police
presence, which led to park sweeps and the arrest of multiple
“problematic” people just before the students returned. The police have also promised to install cameras to increase surveillance.

Of course, the city has offered no alternatives for food on Sunday
evenings, services over the weekend or space to exist without harassment for those they who will be negatively affected. Just the continuation of the criminalization of poverty, addiction and homelessness. City officials want our friends to disappear, or perhaps to float away on balloons, as a dear friend suggested years ago.

Join us before this event at 5:30pm for a presentation with Jesse Speer about homeless encampments and resistance in the Persimmon Room in the Indiana Memorial Union, then we’ll move to the Park by 7pm to discuss next steps.


Plain Words and Militant Anarchism: A history of the Galleanisti


August 24, 8pm
Boxcar Books
408 E. 6th St
Bloomington, Indiana

With their roots in an uncompromisingly militant strand of anarchism, the Galleanisti participated in strikes, published widely-read periodicals, attempted assassinations, and initiated bombing campaigns against state figures and wealthy capitalists. Amidst all of this, they created a counter-culture that sought to bring their utopian vision to life immediately, organizing alternative schools and anarchist clubs, theatrical performances and subversive networks.

Join us for a presentation on the history of the Galleanisti – from the silk factories of Paterson, New Jersey to the electric chair of
Charlestown State Prison.

The event is part of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, a week of action commemorating the execution of Sacco & Vanzetti, and generating solidarity for our imprisoned comrades behind bars now.  Information on anarchist prisoners and prison struggle will be available.

This is the inaugural event of the Lingg-Balagoon history group, which seeks to spread knowledge of anarchist history in non-academic, self-organized ways through talks, discussions and movie showings.

June 11th events for Bloomington


Once again, Bloomington is stepping it up this year for June 11th, the annual day of solidarity with Marius Mason and other bloomyj11longterm anarchist prisoners. There are a number of diverse events throughout the coming week.

Please spread the word!  Printable posters are available at:

June 4: 10 am – 9 pm
Pages to Prisoners Packathon
Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St.)
June 7: 7:30 pm
Call-in/letter writing night
Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St.)

June 9: 7 pm – 9 pm
Cage Flight: Prison news info event
Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St.)

June 10: 7pm
Movie showing: G.A.R.I.
(A film on an action group that kidnapped a banker, demanding freedom for anarchist prisoners)
Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St.)

June 11
Microphone demo and picnic: 1 pm – 4 pm
The Square (Walnut & Kirkwood)

June 12
A Walk in the Woods
(A walk in Yellowwood State Forest in honor of Marius Mason. Learn to identify plants, and discuss past and current efforts to save Indiana’s forests)
Meet @ Seminary Square Kroger: 3 pm