Inside/Outside Organizing to End Mass Incarceration in Indiana



*Inside/Outside Organizing to End Mass Incarceration in Indiana*
*Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Bridgwaters Lounge*
*Thursday, April 6, 6 – 7:30pm*

This event will feature a call-in from long-term prisoner and activist Angaza Iman Bahar, at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF), who has founded an organization called IDOC Watch inside the prison, in order to put an end abuse and censorship by staff, improve conditions within the prison, and improve
prisoners’ access to resources. He will discuss how the abuses at WVCF lead to IDOC Watch being founded, the role of prisoners’ struggles in social movements, and what people on the outside can do to support IDOC Watch.

Before the call-in there will be a discussion on mass incarceration
facilitated by Fidelia Igwe, a Masters student in African American and African Diaspora Studies at IUB, who is studying mass incarceration and it’s effect on Black communities.

The goal of the event, other than education, is to recruit people to work with the IDOC Watch outside support committees.

No Ban, No Wall – Today


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Bloomington Friends: Let’s meet together today, Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 4pm @ the Courthouse Square to support our immigrant and refugee communities of all backgrounds and statuses who are being criminalized, dehumanized, and endangered by the violence of the Trump administration. Please bring your own signs. #NoBanNoWall

J20 Black Bloc Reportback


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People worked their way out of the shadows to meet at People’s Park. Participants were handed complimentary gift bags which included a handout on safety in the streets, face and hand coverings, noisemakers, and other fun items for a night out on the town. It feels like a sign of the times that all of these tools were enthusiastically accepted and used by most people who received them. It doesn’t seem hard for people to understand that in order to fight this regime and its “Alt Right” foot soldiers, we need to begin to protect ourselves and each other.

Stickers put over parking meters

While the small, but energetic, crowd of around 30 took the streets shouting “Fuck Donald Trump”, crews broke off in relative ease to relax by each of the city’s parking meters down Kirkwood, the main street in town. The meters were decorated with stickers drawing connections between the meters and the police (meter money helps fund the BPD). Stickers decorated with “Don’t Feed the Pigs,” solidarity slogans with refugees and prisoners, anti-police and Trump messages were placed strategically on the solar panels that power the meters in an attempt to sabotage their functioning. And let’s just say the pigs will go a little hungrier these days as the locks on over 35 meters were disabled with glue and/or had their card and coin slots blocked with expanding foam.

Dumpster rolled into street

Dumpster tipped over in the street

But our bellies were full of rage! As the march approached the building of Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing, balls full of paint were passed throughout the march. Individuals threw a dozen paint balls at the building as chants went up against Trump and the national security apparatus he now controls. The School of Informatics and Computing is directly tied to the ever-increasing web of control that Obama has perfected over the past 8 years, and which Trump will now inherit. The department’s Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research is funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and prison profiteers Eli Lilly and Company; it has ties to the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and it has connections to JP Morgan Chase and AT&T, Microsoft and IBM Life Sciences, and other architects of the open air prison in which we live.

IU School of Informatics hit with paint

Onwards towards the Monroe County Jail! But first, it seemed like the right time to drag a bank’s rolling dumpster into the street, overturn it, and scatter its contents. With the dumpster blocking traffic, we came upon the jail, which received a beautiful new paint job as the crowd rained paint balls down on its pristine Indiana limestone. People are sick of suffering as their friends and family are locked up by the pigs with the guns and the pigs with the gavels, and are ready to fight back. Freedom to the prisoners!

County Jail hit with paint

Metal trash cans, news boxes, sandwich boards, flares, and flash fireworks were thrown and brought into the street as we proceeded back down Kirkwood keeping cars at a safe distance from the crowd. Why waste our time getting in petty back and forths with bystanders or people when there are more fun things to do?

Banner reading: "For FREEDOM FROM the American Dream"

With streets blocked and the spirit of the crowd strengthened by the progression of attacks up to this point, individuals began kicking things up a notch. Multiple ATMs were smashed, a bank entrance was repainted, and a bank window was smashed. We know that the coming years will require much of us. We have many skills to develop, projects to create, and social spaces to liberate. But without a capacity to fight – to attack those who want to murder, imprison, and deport us – our struggle will remain forever on the defensive. Last night showed that caring for each other, getting organized, being courageous, challenging our self-imposed boundaries, and attacking our oppressors is not only possible, but joyous, playful, transformative, and effective.

Banner: "All We Want Is Total Freedom"

As the march hit its end, we made our way to IU’s sample gates where a smoke bomb was let off and people dispersed into the night laughing and celebrating. Day one of the Trump administration, day one of a new terrain of revolt and social struggle. We have only begun to fight.

smoke cannister

Disrupt J20 – Student Walk-Out at IU



Printable PDF: walkout-final

Student Walk-out!
At IU, we have the power to stop Trump.

For months, thousands of us have been outraged by a man promising mass deportations, Muslim registration, and border wall construction. Too often though, when we’ve felt anger watching Neo-Nazis chant “Hail Trump” on national TV, it’s been a solitary anger— which leads too easily to terror and retreat.
It’s time to break down the walls that separate and paralyze us. We can transform our fear and resignation into rage and collective determination.
Now is the time to prove that we have each other’s backs– that we’ll unite with the most vulnerable members of our community and fight for a world we want to live in— on campus and off. The Trump administration must understand that if it inflicts dramatic outrages like a deportation force or a Muslim registry, or even “just” a program of social cutbacks and increased police violence, it will face mass, organized rebellion–in every city, on every campus, across every state.
On January 20th, we must set a precedent. Let’s flex our collective power and show that we won’t budge.

10 am, January 20th
Meet in Ballantine at the Globe for a campus march, and eventually we’ll head together to Inaugurate the Revolution

Please forward.

Preparing for the Trump Era

A presentation by CrimethInc.
MCPL room 1C, 4-6 pm

How did Trump come to power, and what does that tell us about the era we are entering?  What strategies will be effective in countering repressive government policies and the rise of grassroots nationalism?

Framing Trump‘s victory in a global context, we will explore various approaches to self-organization and self-defense, drawing on the principles of mutual aid and direct action.  The speakers will also present updates about organizing for resistance to the inauguration in DC on January 20.

Please forward and share on FB!

Co-sponsored by Inaugurate the Revolution and Bloomington ABC