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Banner Hung for Black December


Received and posted:banner

In the spirit of Black December, we hung a banner as a gesture of solidarity to all anarchists in prison, all those on the run, and all those fallen in combat with the state.

This is a minor act, one of many daily manifestations of our solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Against a North American anarchist scene of cynicism and internet chatter, we propose anarchy as lived struggle against power, operating on an informal basis, using all weapons available. Our imprisoned comrades are engaged in uncompromising struggle against the state – we refuse to let them fight alone.

We send strength to combative anarchists in Chile, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, France, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, the Czech Republic, the UK, Belarus, and everywhere else individuals and groups have translated theory into action. Even at this distance, the flames in your streets and prison cells keep us warm.

We send particular love to some of our comrades here in the United States: Sean Swain, Michael Kimble, Marius Mason, Casey Brezik, Jennifer Gann, and Jeremy Hammond.

In memory of Sebastián Oversluij Seguel, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Mauricio Morales, Kuwasi Balagoon, Lambros Foundas, and William Avalon Rogers.

Let’s renew the spirit of anarchist solidarity!
For a Black December!
For anarchy!


Bloomington People’s History Poster Series


These were released last summer but the digital files were only recently sent our way.  Most of the posters below will be in both .jpg (for online viewing) and .pdf (for printing) formats and are sized for tabloid (11×17) printing.  As far as we know, the project is still under way and open to submissions.

blacklitle500sitin1.  Sit-in by the Black student community and United Anti-Racist Movement against the Little 500, 1968.


2.  The Black Market / People’s Park, 1968.

Printable .pdf: theblackmarket

I693.  Resistance to I-69, 1990-Present

Printable five page .pdf:  I-69.

ecoactionposter4.  Some Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front actions, 1997-2003.

Printable .pdf: ecoaction

prometheustree5.  The Prometheus Treesit, 2001

Printable .pdf: prometheustree

samposter6.  Samantha Jane Dorsett, 1975-2009.

Photo and text from last Saturday’s demo and die-in



Text from last Saturday’s demo:
Why #ShutItDown?
•For MIKE BROWN, ERIC GARNER and all those murdered at the hands of the state.
•For ALL OF US who live under the boot of the state and its guard dogs every day.
•For self-determined, multi-racial, uncontrollable struggle against police and the world which requires them.The police and justice system aren’t “out of line” when they murder black people and dodge indictment or conviction. This country was founded on the backs of black people who were forcibly removed from their homes, stripped of their humanity and reduced to their labor power. Since then, ordinary folks and militants alike have fought hard and won changes in their conditions– but while the men and women in charge have changed, the framework remains the same. When the police harass and murder black people today, they are simply acting out their roles within this framework – the same way each of us do every day when we go to work, do our christmas shop- ping, and cook dinner for our families – keeping it all running smoothly. We’re all playing roles in the theatre of our lives.

But we can call CUT! on this production, at any moment. We can look around at the nightmare our reality, this play, has become. When we shut down traffic, commerce and infrastructure, we create a moment outside of our daily comings-and-goings, one in which we can all contemplate what we’re doing, together. We can meet each other as humans, begin to breathe together, to determine what we want our lives to look like: A world where some people aren’t legitimized in their use of violence and deadly force against some others. A world where we don’t have to sell our precious time in order to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. A world where we have the power to determine the course of things.

This isn’t just about certain police officers who have done something wrong; this isn’t just about a grand jury who decides that it’s ok for a police officers and vigilantes to murder young black men; this is about calling into question a system in which these questions are even considered worth asking.

Printable quarter-sheet .pdf: quarter.
As always, we invite participants to send in accounts and other texts from the action.

Film Screening! “Working Slowly”



A film about 1977 in Bologna, Italy, following the interactions between two young men from the projects and students involved in Radio Alice – a radio station that refuses structure and bosses, and helps to mobilize the student movement.

Student Building 150
Wednesday 2/12 at 8:30pm

working slowly printable flyer

Highlights from the April strike #1


Over the next months, we’ll post our favorite fragments from April’s IU-wide strike.

Strike out, but ‘crimson flu’ coming

By Bryce Smedley.  Special to the H-T April 8, 2013.

*This guest column was submitted by Bryce Smedley of Bloomington, former CWA 4730 union president and IU support staff.*

A general “strike” is being organized by Indiana University students who feel the brunt of an unfairly priced higher education system that forces upon them years of student loan repayment and debt. Support of this action by Indiana University support staff is warranted despite the fact that official staff strikes, even by the representative union, CWA 4730, are prohibited by the board of trustees under the mutual agreement of cooperation.

As the former president of CWA 4730 and no longer an employee of Indiana University, I finally have the freedom to speak my mind without putting my former union colleagues and other support staff in jeopardy. So, let me take the bold step to call upon all Indiana University support staff to strike alongside our students and stand up for a meaningful and symbolically important cause rather than allow this opportunity to slip by.

Here is why you should strike if you work for Indiana University as support staff:

You are some of the lowest paid Big Ten university employees and barely receive annual raises while the top income earners on campus receive huge pay raises each year. In fact, you have been asked in some years to forgo a raise — to sacrifice for the university. As loyal and hardworking employees, you do this, thinking that everyone will sacrifice together. Unfortunately, while this thinking appears to be fulfilled for a short time, top administrators eventually receive raises retroactively, but not you.

Most of the support staff is now doing the jobs of two or three people. The university has failed to maintain adequate staffing for the work required, and in addition, has failed to offer raises for the additional compensatory work conducted by current support staff.

As existing support staff, you end up paying more for health insurance. Almost every year, you are asked to pay more and more. And while you can complain or call upon your union to advocate for you, you can never strike as a means to a just end as this action is forbidden by the IU Board of Trustees.

Thus, you suffer year to year. At times, you can’t make ends meet; you struggle to pay the bills; and you remain an afterthought while top administrators line their pockets with higher raises on the backs of your children who each year pay higher tuition to attend Indiana University.

Now let me be clear: On April 11 and 12, you cannot strike or you could be fired. But you have accrued sick days, and I hear that a bout of the “crimson flu” has spread about the campus. If you don’t stand up for your own job and for the injustice faced by students and staff alike, then who will?