Disrupt J20 – Student Walk-Out at IU



Printable PDF: walkout-final

Student Walk-out!
At IU, we have the power to stop Trump.

For months, thousands of us have been outraged by a man promising mass deportations, Muslim registration, and border wall construction. Too often though, when we’ve felt anger watching Neo-Nazis chant “Hail Trump” on national TV, it’s been a solitary anger— which leads too easily to terror and retreat.
It’s time to break down the walls that separate and paralyze us. We can transform our fear and resignation into rage and collective determination.
Now is the time to prove that we have each other’s backs– that we’ll unite with the most vulnerable members of our community and fight for a world we want to live in— on campus and off. The Trump administration must understand that if it inflicts dramatic outrages like a deportation force or a Muslim registry, or even “just” a program of social cutbacks and increased police violence, it will face mass, organized rebellion–in every city, on every campus, across every state.
On January 20th, we must set a precedent. Let’s flex our collective power and show that we won’t budge.

10 am, January 20th
Meet in Ballantine at the Globe for a campus march, and eventually we’ll head together to Inaugurate the Revolution

Please forward.

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