Strike Solidarity, Day 2: Microphone Demonstration




Reposted from It’s Going Down:

Acting in solidarity with prisoners going on strike throughout the country, we hosted a microphone demo at Indiana University’s Sample Gates in Bloomington.

A large banner that reads “PRISONERS ACROSS THE U.S. ARE ON STRIKE –” was raised in the middle of the campus gateway. Using a speaker system, we read Chelsea Manning’s hunger strike statement and Free Alabama Movement’s “Let the Crops Rot in the Fields.” Sean Swain’s 9/9 statement from The Final Straw radio show and a segment from Crimethinc podcast about the history of prisoner resistance were also played.

People passed out handbills and had conversations with pedestrians and curious people who stopped to listen or ask what was going on. The demo lasted about an hour.

For Chelsea, fighting for her dignity against brutal transphobia and repressive confinement. For all striking and rebellious prisoners in revolt against their captors. And for all – behind bars or in the “free world” – who choose to act against this system of domination and control.


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