Help protest censorship at Pendleton Correctional Facility


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Help protest censorship at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Pendleton, IN!

Internal Affairs at PCF have been confiscating political material,
newsletters, and other publications being sent to inmates. They claim that the newsletters consist of “unauthorized offender-to-offender contact” because some of the publications contain articles, letters, or stories written by inmates. They claim that the inmates seeing these printed materials consists of a “security risk,” and they confiscate the newsletters and magazines.

This is a clear violation of the inmates’ First Amendment rights. They have the right to access political material and prison newsletters. Rules against offender-to-offender communication were designed to keep inmates from writing directly to each other, not from contributing to publications that might be seen by other inmates.

Some examples of the publications being censored:

Indiana C.U.R.E.
Tulip Newspapers
San Francisco Bay View

CALL/EMAIL the following people:

1) Lead Internal Affairs Investigator Hubert Duncan
(765) 778-2107, extension 0 for operator, ask for Hubert Duncan
Hubert’s email:

2) Superintendent Dushan Zatecky
(765) 778-2107, extension 3 gets you to the admin building, ask for
Superintendent Dushan Zatecky
Secretary Shannon Schott Email:

3) Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner Bruce Lemmon
(317) 232-5711
Executive Assistant Stephanie Lightfoot’s Email:

SUGGESTED SCRIPT (feel free to modify if you’re comfortable doing so):

“STOP censoring materials going into the prison. Inmates have the right to access newsletters and other reading material. A publication that contains contributions from other inmates is not offender-to-offender contact.”

After you call, please send an email to Hubert and Zatecky, and to Lemmon’s assistants as well. Invite others to participate as we show solidarity to our friends and family behind bars.

Thank you for supporting the right of inmates to receive publications without fear of censorship from prison staff!


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