Oaxaca is Ungovernable: info-night this Wednesday at IRA


Wednesday, June 29
7:30 PM at IRA (118 S Rogers St Suite 2)

Last week, the Mexican state killed nearly a dozen striking teachers who were defending barricades across the southern state of Oaxaca.  The effort to open up the 38 barricaded highways only backfired though, triggering a popular explosion and leading to even more blockades than before.  All this confirms a leading slogan of the current movement: Oaxaca is ungovernable.

These serious clashes arrive just before the 10th anniversary of the
2006 insurrection, which lasted nearly three months and required
systematic bloodshed by death squads and the Mexican army to be put down.  The 2006 Oaxaca Commune was an early harbinger of the occupations and revolts that have since spread across the globe and its memory lies close to many of our hearts.

This Wednesday, June 29th, we will be showing a documentary about 2006 called Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad/A Small Dose of Truth and sharing updates about the current situation.  We will be taking donations to cover legal and medical costs stemming from the current repression.

While it’s important to extend material and monetary support, we should also remember that unless the uprising spreads, Oaxaca will surely be drowned in blood again.  It’s up to all of us to ensure that it’s also Bloomington – among every other place – that becomes ungovernable.

See http://elenemigocomun.net/ & itsgoingdown.org for news on the movement.


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