Call-in to Stop Racist Abuse at Wabash Valley Prison


Received and transmitted:

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF), in Carlisle, Indiana has a long history of racist violence by guards against African American inmates. Recently, I have been informed of serious abuse being enacted by guards against Angaza Iman Bahar (Jimmy Jones) #891782, a long-term prisoner who has repeatedly fought for his rights and the rights of all prisoners.

He has been assaulted and placed in segregation, just 48 hours after being released from three months of segregation into general population. The guard who assaulted him bragged to other inmates about his plans to attack Angaza upon his return to population, because by “beating the big n****s, the others can be kept in line.”

Angaza is currently in fear for his life, and believes that the guards intend to provoke him to physical violence, so that they can keep him in prison for life.

Please call Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner Bruce Lemmon ((317) 232-5711) and WVCF Superintendent Dick Brown ((812) 398-5050), and say “Stop the racist abuse by guards of WVCF inmate Jimmy Jones, #891782, and transfer him to a different facility immediately!”

Please tweet the same message @IndianaDOC, and email it to and


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