Call-in to support a prisoner in struggle

Otis Carr is currently imprisoned at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana and he is requesting our help! Below is a brief description of his situation, and what you can do about it:

From a letter written by Otis Carr # 942245

In his own words:

“During a shakedown by 2 officers… asked me to open my mouth…I was asked 2 times to open my mouth I did as told I was chewing on some prison made candy toffee with half of it still wrapped in plastic…The officers say that they saw ‘something’ in my mouth small but they don’t know what it was but they ‘suspect’ it was drugs.”

In the 2 days following this incident, Carr was subjected to multiple drug tests at Terre Haute Regional Hospital as well as an x-ray at the Wabash correctional facility- all of which came back negative for any traces of drugs.

Despite the evidence proving his innocence in this case, Carr has still been found guilty of Obstruction of Justice, A-100. Additionally, he was not allowed to use the drug tests which he passed as evidence against the charge.

Carr requests our help in putting pressure on the prison to give him a fair chance at self-defense, and demand that they modify his case.

Please call Robert Bugher, IDOC Formal Review Authority at (317) 232 – 5711 and demand that Mr. Carr receive the justice he deserves, and that his case be reviewed.

Personal Info:
Otis Carr #942245
Case No: WVD-16-01-0054
Obstruction of Justice


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