Call in to support dignified prisoner Jimmy Jones


Received and posted:

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones, a long-term inmate at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, IN recently faced retaliation for using the prison’s grievance process, after his access to Afro-centric reading material was denied. His property was stolen by a corrections officer and he was prevented from attending a vocational class. After filing grievances, Jimmy was moved to a high security part of the prison and stripped of his good time credit.

This is unjust!

As of February 15th, 2016, Jimmy has been clear of any Class A or B conduct reports for almost 2 years.

Call Wabash Superintendent Brown and IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon and ask, why is Jimmy Jones (#891782) being punished for utilizing the prison grievance process?

Who to Call:
1) Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Ask for Superintendent Brown and/or Unit managers Hunt and Blazingame.
2)Indiana Department of Corrections Office

Chief of Staff Randy Koester

Commissioner Bruce Lemmon

Note – In all likelihood, the prison admin will tell you that he wasn’t transferred for using the prison grievance process, but that they can’t tell you the reason he was transferred.


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