Cop car smashed following police murder in Indy


From the Indy Star:

Some onlookers questioned whether lethal force was necessary and cursed at Indianapolis police officers. One officer’s car window was smashed.

…The fatal shooting [of Christopher Goodlow] caused an angry reaction from people in a crowd gathered at the scene, some of whom cursed at officers and questioned whether gunshots were an appropriate response to the threat of a knife. One of the people who was grieving yelled: “Over a knife? Oh my God.”

Another person shouted: “He had a mental illness” — referring to Goodlow.

The incident occurred as fatal officer-involved shootings have become a national issue, most recently in Chicago with the release of a year-old video that contradicted official police reports of the incident. Indianapolis officials are considering having officers use body cameras, and state lawmakers are discussing legislation to regulate the use and public release of police body cam videos.

More than three hours after the Indianapolis incident, emotions flared up again. A windshield of a police car at the scene was smashed followed by a confrontation with officers.

Riddle said he saw the video of the incident made by a bystander, Steven Chambers, who posted it to his Facebook page. Riddle said the officers acted properly, and that a knife is considered by police to be a deadly weapon.

Riddle said there have been at least 20 officer-involved shootings by Indianapolis police this year, with “nine or 10 of them being fatal.”

Saturday’s shooting occurred before noon at the Autumn Trails apartment complex, located just north of the intersection of Franklin Road and East 38th Street…

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