Microphone demo today against campus rape


From Students Against State Violence:

In light of recent events, a mic demo will be held at the Sample Gates the Thursday after Thanksgiving Break at 4pm.

This will be an open forum for all voices to be heard. Students Against State Violence will be announcing our plans for our continuing Campaign Against Patriarchal Assault. This will be a chance for people to voice their outrage, frustration, fear, and support for victims and one another.

We feel that the attention the home invasion case got and the precedence given to it by the police and the media – while they have remained silent and unhelpful about many other assault cases – is due to the nature of the case, namely that the assailant was a person of color. Students Against State Violence stands in firm opposition to the media’s racist biases and it’s important that this aspect of the case be noted and analyzed.

Join us to break the silence!


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