Mother’s Day Event at the Jail


Received and transmitted:

An event for Mother’s Day is planned outside the Monroe County jail
on College Avenue this Sunday, May 10 from 2-4pm.  Folks are getting
together to strengthen our connection and show solidarity with all the
families effected by incarceration.

Children are welcome and encouraged to come!!  There will be sign
making material for people to create special messages to those inside if
they want.

There is a similar event planned at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, which this text is
borrowed from:

“65% of the nearly quarter of a million women incarcerated in the US
have minor children. This number has been reported as high at 85% in IL.
*Indiana ranks number two in number of incarcerated parents.  What is
Mother’s Day like for these mothers? What is it like for their displaced
children? There are nearly 2 million children with an incarcerated
parent in the U.S., and that incarceration of a parent increases the
likelihood of incarceration for the children themselves, often through
what Black on Both Sides refers to as the ‘foster care to prison

This year Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration invites
individuals and groups to join us as we honor the many moms (and
daughters and sons) inside Cook County Jail. We’ll gather near Division
17, which houses pregnant women and women struggling with addiction and
mental illness. We insist that they never be forgotten behind those
walls–on this or any other day.

How can we best honor these moms on what is meant to be their special
day? Perhaps the best gift is some visibility, along with a commitment
to fight for community-based alternative to mass incarceration, and for
the resources all communities need instead of jails, prisons and police.

We invite families of persons formerly and currently incarcerated to
join us. We invite all people committed to smashing this system of state
violence to join us. We will hold a safe space of love and solidarity.
Feel free to bring photos and signs with Mother’s Day messages and
flowers and balloons. We’ll have craft supplies for kids and everyone.”


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