May Day 2015 Demo this Friday


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Feeling overwhelmed with studmayday2015ent debt?

Fed up with low wages?

Tired of being treated (and paid) like you’re a second-class citizen?

Join us this International Workers’ Day! Let’s all stand together for economic equity and equality. Let’s fight to turn corporations into cooperatives. Let’s demand a higher standard of living from the people who would have us on the brink of bankruptcy. Let’s stand against the capitalist system that holds all but a few back!

To show opposition to unreasonable student loan policy, pin a red cloth square to your clothing. This was used in Montreal when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest rising tuition costs. You can wear the red square at all times, if you want.

If you’re interesting in bravely and proactively taking a stand against any of these issues (or if you have an issue you’d like to add, let us know) then join us! All are welcome.

Invite all of your friends!

We’ll be marching on the courthouse after speeches from a few faculty members regarding labor and economic movements.

Live Hip Hop music from Fricktion.


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