Reclaim MLK Day


From the organizers:

Today at 4:30 PM

Gather at O’Malias parking lot, 512 S College Mall Rd

On MLK Day, reclaim the legacy of Dr. King by standing against racism, police brutality. Because Black Lives Matter.

If you’re unable to make it at 4:30 because of work/other obligations, please don’t let that stop you from coming! Late is better than never!

“What will be happening?”: This event is envisioned as a coming together of community members concerned about social justice and outraged at the atrocities of anti-black racism in our country. It will be a loose gathering, as no one person or organization is in charge. In the spirit of Dr. King, the unifying theme will be the demand for wide-reaching, meaningful social change. There will be a variety of ways to participate and we encourage everyone to come with your ideas.


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