Bloomington People’s History Poster Series


These were released last summer but the digital files were only recently sent our way.  Most of the posters below will be in both .jpg (for online viewing) and .pdf (for printing) formats and are sized for tabloid (11×17) printing.  As far as we know, the project is still under way and open to submissions.

blacklitle500sitin1.  Sit-in by the Black student community and United Anti-Racist Movement against the Little 500, 1968.


2.  The Black Market / People’s Park, 1968.

Printable .pdf: theblackmarket

I693.  Resistance to I-69, 1990-Present

Printable five page .pdf:  I-69.

ecoactionposter4.  Some Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front actions, 1997-2003.

Printable .pdf: ecoaction

prometheustree5.  The Prometheus Treesit, 2001

Printable .pdf: prometheustree

samposter6.  Samantha Jane Dorsett, 1975-2009.


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