Report from last week / Action assembly tomorrow


We’ve received several reports from last week’s large (500-700 person) demo against police violence.

From the Indiana Daily Student:

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From an individual:”Basically after an hour or so of marching on side walks, a 4 1/2 minute decidedly non-disruptive “die in”, and an “open forum” marked mostly with calls for voting, becoming the system, and being nice to one another, a much smaller group decided to take the streets and go downtown. Once we got there someone called for blocking traffic at a busy intersection on the square for 4 1/2 minutes and someone else suggested holding hands in a circle so we did – facing inward we chanted and held hands for 4 1/2 minutes and then moved to the sidewalk (I think this actually caused more traffic problems and road rage than the much longer amount of time we were moving in the streets, interestingly, because it blocked folks going multiple directions from moving at all).”

And a proposal for an action assembly:

After the rally, die-in, and discussion last Thursday organized by the Black Student Union, a smaller group took to the streets and caused some mayhem, blocking traffic on 3rd St and standing in a circle in the intersection of Walnut and Kirkwood for 4 1/2 minutes. They have called for an action planning assembly this Thursday (12/11) @ 7pm in the East Lounge of the IMU.


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