September 8: Demonstration and Call-in Day Against Repression in Indiana’s Prisons


Printable flyer: Against Racism in Indiana’s Prisons

Calling all prison reform and prisoner justice activists in Indiana!

Join us in *downtown Indianapolis on September the 8th at 11am-1pm* to protest the Indiana Department of Corrections new policy of mail censorship and outright refusal of black empowerment/black liberation materials and their continued harassment of long time politically active black prisoners. These people have put their lives on the line for decades fighting for justice and humanity behind the prison walls; we must do what we can to support them and let the IDOC know that they can’t act with impunity. We are watching their every move!

Meet downtown in Indianapolis in front of the IDOC headquarters at 302 W Washington St. We’ll have banners and signs, but feel free to bring your own and/or bring noise makers. If you’re in need of a ride from Bloomington, email to get in touch with drivers. See you there!


The Indiana Department of Corrections is taking cruel and racist actions in a number of their prisons.

A New Afrikan prisoner was recently transferred from New Castle (because of their intolerance of his political organizing) to Pendleton, where Internal Affairs are seeking revenge on him for past political organizing. He is being threatened with state court for alleged weapons possession, while many members of the Aryan Brotherhood have recently been caught with upwards of 5 knives each and been only lightly penalized by comparison.

Another prisoner at New Castle dared to organize against the for-profit prison’s lack of transitional programming and transfer-to-population opportunities. For this, he was transferred back to the Secure Housing Unit, where he’s now indefinitely locked up in solitary confinement.

These men are clearly being targeted and excessively punished by a chauvinist administration which allows racist groups to form and thrive within their walls while snuffing out any and all sparks of radical organizing.

New Castle’s mailroom is another venue for racism and subjugation; it’s standard procedure for them to throw away or deny prisoners access to anything of an explicitly political/revolutionary nature, as well as anything related to black liberation and/or black empowerment. This blatantly racist repression will not be tolerated!

Additionally, Pendleton recently implemented a ludicrous new policy regarding the books prisoners are allowed to receive: they’re currently accepting publications from only three bookstores, two of which are religious (one Christian, one Islamic). This is obviously a move to stifle political action, as radical reading materials are invaluable in fostering connections between prisoners and enabling political organizing in an isolating environment.

Monday, September 8th, join us in protest: call in to the DOC office to demand that they abolish the stifling of radical politics/black empowerment through mailroom censorship, and allow inmates to receive books from any publisher they choose.

Call-in numbers:

DOC central office:  #(317) 233-6984

Pendleton mailroom supervisor: #(765) 778-2107 extn.1264


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