Police and private security vehicles attacked


Reposted from anarchistnews.org:

Last night, we attacked police cars and private security vehicles. Six vehicles at the Deputy Sheriff’s substation had their tires slashed, their exteriors spray painted, and their windows covered in glass etching solution. Three detective vehicles parked at the Bloomington police station and four private security vehicles in a separate lot had their tires slashed.

There is no question: the police are the absolute enemy. Everywhere, their role is to defend this social order based in misery and exploitation. As those exploited, and as those who refuse to accept this misery, we have only one option: to attack the police at all times and in every way possible. It is easy. No great technical skill or complex methods are necessary. One only needs a little courage and a will to live.

As we sit and watch the rebellion in Ferguson, it is easy to become pacified by the media spectacle. Distance – geographical and cultural – can cause us to retreat into tired rituals or inactivity. Last night, we chose to break the social peace, as a gesture of solidarity to the fighters in Ferguson, and as an attempt to reclaim our own lives from the state and its dogs.

Solidarity with the revolt in Ferguson!
Full force against the cops!


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