Demo in Solidarity with the Ferguson Rebels


bannerCops, racists, murderers!

Word spread quickly in Bloomington last night (8/16) that the governor of Missouri had declared a state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson. Within an hour, a spontaneous demo came together, starting at People’s Park, where we discussed the situation and shared our anger. 30 people then took the streets, circling downtown, chanting and distributing more than 700 flyers. Some bystanders became participants, and many others shouted their support, particularly in Seminary Square and People’s Park, gathering places for the excluded and homeless that are subject to intense police repression. When we passed the jail, many people lit up sparklers and prisoners waved to us through the bars in support. The march continued for three miles, disregarding the threats of the police who followed us.

The forces of internal repression—the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton and his “peace ministers”, and most of all the media–that are now aiding the massive police force occupying Ferguson are no surprise. We have seen those who oppose our rage try to shift the burden of blame from their shoulders to ours many times. We urge anarchists to continue to do what we do best—to counter the narrative, through our solidarity, that makes the population of Ferguson into the enemy and the police into heroes. While police murders have become common news, our rage and solidarity must be ever-fresh, opposing the subtle tools of the enemy as much as their blatant attacks.

“Police play the same violent role everywhere. Bloomington has also seen racist attacks by the police, like when the BPD shot a 16-year old man in the back only four years ago. On a daily basis, too, the police harass and beat people in Seminary Square, Crestmont, and People’s Park.

Fight Back Against Police Violence. Don’t let the Ferguson Rebels Stand Alone.” (From the text distributed last night)


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