Bloomington AT&T Building Attacked


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June 12- We attacked the facade of the AT&T building in Bloomington with paintbombs. The company’s cooperation with NSA surveillance efforts was confirmed again one year ago by the Snowden leaks, yet AT&T and other collaborators have escaped any real consequences. We covered the building with graffiti highlighting their massive participation in the machinery of control and repression.

This machinery (digital and physical) is everywhere and available to simple attacks like this one.

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid in their daily struggles against prison. These revolutionaries are imprisoned for their commitment to struggle in defense of the earth. The same forces that profit from the destruction of the natural world also maintain prisons and require the protection of police and the NSA.

Solidarity with Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, and all rebels whose actions expose and attack the cracks in this control society.


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