Westville Updates: Victory and Repression


Received and transmitted:

Saturday January 25

Please man the phones on Monday, January 27,2014.

Westville Correctional Facility (SUPER-MAX Prison) is retaliating against

the inmates who protested last week by refusing to give them heated cells.

Inmates in the A-Pods of “Westville Control Unit” the (Super-Max) are being

deprived of heat because they protested the sack lunch that had been served

to them over the last nine months. The Blue setion, A7 & A8, Yellow setion

5&6 range along with the Alpha Pod are experiencing extremly cold

temperatures.The policy of the facilty states that they cannot use tactics

such as these to punish individuals for demanding the same treatment as all

other inmates; HEAT!


To justify their actions, the prison has stated that there is a new

engineer that does not know how to adjust the system up on the roof. In the

meantime they have passed out an extra blanket and jacket to combat the

freezing temperature.

We are once again asking that you call the GOVERNOR’S OFFICE (Pence) at 317

232-4567 and demand that either the heat gets fixed or that they remove

these individuals from these freezing cells and put them in a warmer

section as the policy dictates under emergency procedure.

Also call the Commissioner’s office (Lemmon) at 317 232-5711.

Together we can make a difference.


Wednesday, January 22

Just to let everyone know, the guys on all 4 pods of the Control Unit at

Westville Control Unit received hot trays today for lunch. It had large

portions of hot food, with real (not rancid) meat. People were ecstatic, as

they hadn’t expected the DOC to cave so quickly.


There has been no specific response from the DOC, but word around is that

they’re trying to throw one specific prisoncrat at the Control Unit under

the bus, blaming everything on him: this wasn’t policy, we had no idea this

was going on, we’re fixing it right away, etc.


While this is the end of the specific action regarding food trays, this was

far from the only issue that prisoners were/are dealing with at the WCU:

insufficient amounts of food, insufficient sanitation, blatant abuses of

particularly and randomly sadistic guards, etc. People are working on

following up on on the momentum built with this most recent struggle and

are working to bring down the iron grip of the Control Unit powers. Watch

for updates and interview in the near future.

-Indiana Prisoner Solidarity


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