Banners in Solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners from Indiana


From Anarchist News:

We hung two banners to honor anarchist and antifascist comrades from Bloomington who have
been kidnapped by the state.

Marie Mason is doing 22 years for actions including arsons against developments on
Lake Monroe, while the members of the Tinley Park 5 are doing 1-5 years for violently
breaking up a nazi meeting. Even with so much repression, struggles here continue to develop
along lines of class-conscious action, against all forms of domination.

We will never forget our prisoners.

Solidarity with the comrades in Brussels. We won’t rest until their prison-world is reduced to ashes.

TP5We ❤ the Tinley Park 5.  Support Antifascist Fighters.

MMSupport Marie Mason.  Hometown hero!


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