The state is a racket, and so are its projects.


In the latest embarrassment to the I-69 project, it was recently uncovered that INDOT officials padded their own pockets through corrupt sales of family land.

From the Indy Star:

Troy Woodruff wasn’t the only one in the Woodruff household working for the state department of transportation at a time in which he and his family sold land — for a price well above the going rate — to the state department of transportation for the I-69 project.

Woodruff’s wife, Melissa, also was an INDOT employee, serving as the office manager at the I-69 project office in Washington, Ind., at the time all the Woodruff land deals with the state transpired. Organizational charts show that she reported directly to Sam Sarvis, the deputy commissioner overseeing the I-69 project

Ethics experts told The Star that scenario is troubling on two fronts: It seems inconsistent with Troy Woodruff’s statements that there was a strict “firewall” between him and his family’s land deals on the I-69 project; and Melissa Woodruff, like her husband, failed to disclose their land sale in writing to state ethics officials, though her signature also is on sales forms obtained by The Star.


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