Appreciation for “Dangerous Individuals”


In spite of cold rain, 20 people held a microphone demo in People’s Park against state repression and social cleansing last Friday, October 19.  The focus was solidarity with anarchists grand jury resisters in the Pacific Northwest and with the homeless people in Bloomington currently subjected to a campaign of police harassment and violence.  Both are blemishes in the facade of commodity-democracy that the police would like to quietly wipe out.  Banners against the jail and supporting prisoners’ struggles were also hung, and a cacophonous sound system played anti-police tunes.

Let’s make sure that the state can’t get its way and smoothly eliminate our comrades, social spaces, and struggles.  Let’s also make sure that all those who fight back – whether grand jury resisters Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik, Matt Duran, and Leah Lynn-Plante or the homeless folks who won’t abandon their hang-outs in parks targeted for development – know they’re loved and supported.  Again, let’s all become dangerous individuals.

More than 1000 copies of the flyer were distributed at the demo and over the past week.  Still, please help distribute this text (formatted for double-sided 8.5×11): dangerousindividuals.

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