Solidarity with the demonstrators hit by an SUV; More solidarity with the ones who fought back.


Solidarity with the demonstrators hit by an SUV; More solidarity with the ones who fought back.

Counter-information against official lies and repression, regarding a demonstration at Indiana University on September 11th, 2012.

The only thing more consistent than drought in a 21st century summer is the dishonesty of journalists. After a black Sahara Wrangler Unlimited aggressively drove into a rowdy student protest, one of its windows was smashed out. While the Herald-Times acknowledges, in a bare way, the driver’s aggression, the Indiana Daily Student contorted itself into the following, jaw-dropping lie:

“While walking down North Forrest Avenue between Woodburn and the Indiana Memorial Union parking lot, a man collided with a black Jeep Wrangler that had stopped due to the protest.”

The very verb “collide” betrays the uncomfortable position of these student journalists, trapped between their obligations towards maintaining social peace and the awkward set of facts that they’re forced to work with and distort. Luckily for them, the wealthy and entitled aggressors ran and cried for band-aids, collaborating with police while their little cuts were dealt with. Meanwhile, the multiple demonstrators whose feet they ran over have to deal with their own bruises, for a trip to the hospital would certainly entail questioning by police investigators before questioning by doctors.

It’s clear enough that the journalists and cops work hand-in-hand to construct and enforce a repressive reality, one which delegitimizes resistance and criminalizes dignified acts. In opposition to this constructed reality, we have each other though, and thus a wealth of solidarity. Even if the injured demonstrators can’t get official medical help, we’re sure they have the support and care of their friends. And of course, there was the first response, entirely justified and an excellent expression of solidarity: if a large SUV attacks a demonstration, of course it should have a window smashed out, and preferably more than one. The best way to curtail aggression by wealthy, reactionary students and frat boys is to make sure that demonstrators won’t be easy and compliant targets for their bullying.

Responding to aggression from the powerful is an important assertion of dignity and rebelliousness. However, let’s move from simply responding to their attacks, to an offensive position of subversive action.

Solidarity with everyone facing investigations and repression, from the alleged window-breakers yesterday, to the anarchists resisting grand juries in the Pacific Northwest.

The rebellious students are right, not the snitches and the ones who bow down!

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