Five Indiana Antifascists Arrested in Chicagoland – Help needed


Five antifascists were arrested Saturday in Tinley Park, IL (outside Chicago) on charges of allegedly assaulting a group of white supremacists who were holding a gathering in a restaurant.  A car that the accused were riding in was pulled over several minutes after the attack occurred, and the 5 men were arrested.Police are allegedly still searching for 13 more individuals involved in the attacks.

Despite garbled claims by the media that paint the group at the restaurant as innocuous, or claim that they were simply “touring around different Irish festivals,” the meeting was advertised on white power websites and forums.  Ten nazis were injured in the attack, several of whom were hospitalized and required staples to close head wounds.  Two of the injured men were arrested as well; one had an outstanding warrant for child pornography and another was arrested for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

Donations for their legal support can be made here.  Every little bit helps.  Many of the accused live and work in Bloomington, and all money raised will go toward bail, legal fees and supporting their families.

More details should be forthcoming; gestures of solidarity are necessary and urgent.


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