Early days of summer / Days of solidarity


Earlier this week, two small but important expressions of solidarity were organized here in Bloomington.  20 people took the streets on Tuesday demanding that all charges be dropped against Occupy participants, antifascists, and anarchists in the half-dozen ongoing local prosecutions.  Copies of the “1000 Paper-cuts” flyer were distributed and the streets were held for half an hour before the marchers settled in for a stationary demo at Kirkwood and Walnut.  Later that night, four bands played a benefit show for Pax, an anarchist arrested in Portland on the allegation that he had participated in sabotage against banks.

In the same spirit, we’re posting a new version of a poster that was just sent to us, signaling support for prisoners in struggle in the state prison system.

And for tabloid-size printing:  forgettingdownload.


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