May Day in process


Initial reports:  A new outdoor occupation was launched early this morning at the intersection of Rogers and the B-Line on a large city-owned lot.  Police surrounded the occupiers for hours, pulled a gun on one of them, and damaged a large canvas tent.  Rogers was shut down between 8th and 11th in order to obstruct public view of the repression. No arrests were made, but under intense pressure, the nascent occupation was dismantled.  Other activities such as the Really Really Free Market continue further down the B-Line.

Banner-hangs were also spotted around downtown.

A revised schedule of events today has been released:


Free Market (4th and B-Line)

( )


12-1pm Food Not Bombs (4th and B-line)


2pm-5pm  DMC: Instead of Prison Teach-in (Boxcar Books)


4-5pm IWW: Wobblie Workshop (Boxcar Books)



Unity Rally (Sample Gates)


6pm March/Roving Dance Party/Slow Bike Ride/Parade


8pm Dance Party (follow the march, end up at the dance party)


10pm – 12 Midnight Bagels and Coffee Re-Think IU: Alternative University

Models and Student Struggles in Chile and Montreal (Outside of Wells



AND: May Day Movies


Monroe County Public Library Auditorium, Downtown Bloomington

Tuesday, May 1st 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM


11:30 AM – BLAME IT ON FIDEL (2007) : Political and family life collide in

1970’s Paris when nine year old Anna’s upper middle class parents become

involved with radical activism and give up their bourgeois privileges.

Anna at first responds angrily to her parents’ new idealistic lifestyle,

but eventually helps her parents deal with activist burnout in the face of

political repression. (1 H. 35 M.)


1:15 PM – THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND (2002) : This documentary follows 1960’s

student radicals who responded to the violence of the Vietnam war with a

campaign of bombings against the infrastructure of state violence.

Although their attacks are specifically targeted not to harm people but

only buildings, the Weather Underground are labeled terrorists and live on

the run for decades, becoming increasingly isolated, insular, and cultish

(1 H. 35 M.)


3:00 PM – PUNISHMENT PARK (1971) – As the Vietnam War escalates, public

protests against the conflict intensify in America. To control the leftist

threat, a civilian tribunal passes sentence on groups of dissidents —

hippies, draft dodgers and pacifists. Made to play a game akin to “Capture

the Flag” in a remote desert while being hunted by the forces of law and

order, the prisoners must fight for their lives in this searing

pseudo-documentary. (1 H. 28 M.)


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