May Day


A schedule, reposted.  We’ll share more events as we hear about them in the next few days:

Decarcerate Monroe County Glimpse into Post-Capitalist Bloomington (TBA)

Free Market (4th and B-Line) ( )

Food Not Bombs (4th and B-line)

DMC: Instead of Prison Teach-in (Boxcar Books)
Immigration Teach-in (Boxcar Books)
IWW: Wobblie Workshop (Boxcar Books)

Unity Rally (Sample Gates)

March/Roving Dance Party/Slow Bike Ride/Parade/

Dance Party (follow the march, end up at the dance party)

10pm – 12 Midnight Bagels and Coffee Re-Think IU: Alternative University Models and Student Struggles in Chile and Montreal (Outside of Wells Library)

AND: Throughout the day, there will be films screened in the Monroe County Public Library in the auditorium (titles and times TBA).

There will also be guerrilla art installations, re-enactments of radical history, spontaneous punk shows in unlikely places, etc, etc.

Are you interested in creating a sustainable, egalitarian, inclusive society? So are we! In accordance with the global revolts and the fresh resistance here in the United States — particularly here in Bloomington — we invite you to attend and plan for Mayday 2012. On May 1st, we call on all of Bloomington to celebrate Mayday 2012 with a General Strike, in the spirit of resistance against capitalist exploitation and state oppression.

Are you a worker, schemer, dreamer, artist, unemployed, funemployed trouble maker? Getting involved is more than just going to a meeting. Its building a new culture of resistance in Bloomington; expect teach ins, meals, actions, occupations, theater, art installations, parades, critical mass bike rides, and a roving dance party as well as sneak peaks into a post-revolutionary Bloomington. These events will be presented in a “Tour of Resistance” style, with a map listing times and places to follow throughout the day.

E-mail with a brief description of your project, the time and location you’ll present it, and any questions you might have, and any help you might need. So far, groups such as Food Not Bombs, DMC Street Theater Troupe, Revolutionary Cinema Cooperative, Occupy Bloomington, Occupy IU, Bloomington Really Really Free Market, May Day Artists Guild, T.W.F. Scraps, HARM have expressed that they will be participating in the day’s festivities.

Last scheming meeting for May Day will be April 29th from 3-5 at MCPL in room 1A.


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