Two, three, 1000 campus events


Fliers and schedule for the next round of the spring offensive on campus.


Download, print (double-sided!), and circulate on paper, but in the meantime, here are the highlights:

Mass assembly on Tuesday, 4/10.  5:30 pm @ the lawn of the IU Art Museum (but inside Woodburn if it rains).

Showing at the IU cinema on Wednesday, April 11 (7 pm @ Radio-Television 251):  Working Slowly, the excellent film on student and autonomous struggle in Bologna, ’77.  Official link here.

Teach-in on the corporate university on Thursday, 4/12.  7 pm @ Swain East, RM 105.

Liberation Celebration III on Thursday, 4/19.  5 pm @ Dunn Meadow.  Showing of the Chicago Conspiracy afterwards, Swain East, RM 105.


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