Occupy Bloomington Assembly Tonight; Occupation Begins Sunday.


There will be another ‘Occupy Bloomington’ general assembly tonight, Thursday October 6th at 7pm in People’s Park (Kirkwood and Dunn in downtown Bloomington).

Logistics will continue to be discussed for the planned occupation of People’s Park slated to begin this Sunday, October 9th at 6pm.  Be there!

Posters about the planned occupation. download1 a hi-resolution version for printing.

Occupy Bloomington hi-res for printing

Here’s one statement of position, submitted recently by some friends; cheers for a well-articulated anti-capitalist stance that stakes a position against the cop-loving, rule abiding rhetoric of other local occupy “organizations.”

hippie faggot circle jerk:

considerations towards a savage and directionless occupation
we do not necessarily think the idea of an occupation is a ‘good’ one. still, here are some honest summations…

1-blanket negativity- we are against everything in this fucked up world. capitalism is all encompassing. it creeps into every region of our lives. we reject these lives. there is no anti-capitalist position other than the rejection of its totality.

2-there is nothing but us- the daily experience of life is our only basis for critique and any conceivable hope. we are our own source of inspiration. we are what is meaningful.

3-thoughts are not the vanguard of the revolution- thoughts are not superimposed on material reality. they exist on the same plane and are not bases from which to launch attacks on the world.

4-fuck a liberal subject- assuming desirable outcomes based on a recognition of the liberal subject reflects a deep naivete. meetings with ‘like-minded’ individuals will only produce known and abhorrent situations.

5-beyond productivity- the need for control, the fetishization of results are specific manifestations of capitalist existence. effectivity is a trap.
despite these considerations, we could cherish certain potentials of an occupation:

– expressing joyful chaos through space and disorganization, instead of mirroring the structures of order and repression

– sharing for its own sake, instead of for consciousness raising

– surprising ourselves in intense situations, instead of chasing goals in planned ones

– doing what we want and not giving a fuck, instead of internalizing forces of policing and control

– trusting ourselves and growing exponentially stronger, instead of relying on experts and groveling at the feet of politicians


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