Bloomington and IU Responding to #OccupyWallStreet


Discussions have begun this weekend on IU’s campus regarding a local response to #OccupyWallStreet and similar protests springing up all over the United States.  In the “Occupy Bloomington” rendition, an interest in manifesting an anti-state, anti-capitalist project was put on the table, while managing to avoid or at least confront much of the nationalist and reformist jargon that has seeped its way into the discourse of the Zuccoti Park occupation.  Pretty interesting beginnings, we’re curious to see where this will lead…

So keep an eye out; we’ll be posting updates here from various sources.

There will be another meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 7 pm in People’s Park (at Kirkwood and Grant in downtown Bloomington).

Suggestions were made that people coming to the meeting on Tuesday bring written position papers as to help clarify their positions to other people, either to be passed out, passed around or read to the group.  Also, the suggestion was made that people familiarize themselves with similar occupation-style protests, both currently in the United States as well as the plaza occupations that happened all over Europe earlier this summer in response to the debt crisis. 


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