Stand with Purvi Patel



From Boxcar Books:

Stand with Purvi Patel and all pregnant people who have the right to choose, the right to miscarry, the right to free healthcare on demand, and the right to projection, not prosecution. Free Purvi Patel now!

Show Purvi that you stand with her.
Send her a letter addressed:
Purvi Patel #240509
Indiana Women’s Prison,
2596 N. Girls School Rd.
Indianapolis, In 46214

Demand the IDOC free Purvi now.
Call the Indiana Department of Corrections’ Commissioner’s Office at 317-232-5711 and demand them to free Purvi Patel now!

Read Purvi’s Lawyers Brief at

Banner hung in solidarity with Keith Lamar on day 2 of his hunger strike


keithWe hung a banner in solidarity with Keith LaMar as a small way of
sending him strength and greetings on the second day of his hunger strike. In addition to hanging the banner, we held a short
demonstration and covered the area – an entrance to one of the main academic buildings at IU – with messages of support.

The victory at Mizzou demonstrates that universities can be powerful spaces for struggle against this racist system. But to do this fully, students must link our movements with others in struggle, and, in particular, with prison rebels like Keith.

-IU students against racism and prisons
November 10

See for resources for supporting Keith during his strike.

Dixie Be Damned: 300 Years of Insurrection in the American South


Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00pm
IU First Nations Educational and Cultural Center
712 E 8th Street,

Join us at the FNECC to hear anarchist historians Saralee Stafford and Neal Shirley speak about their new book, Dixie Be Damned: 300 Years of Insurrection in the American South, which engages “hidden” insurrectionary episodes in Southern history to demonstrate the region’s long arc of revolt. Countering images of the South as pacified and conservative, this adventurous retelling presents history in the rough: indigenous resistance to colonialism, treason to whiteness, slave revolts, labor battles, prison uprisings, urban riots, and more.

Global Upheaval: Documents from a World in Revolt

imagesGlobal Uprisings Short Films Night One (2011–12) Directed by Brandon Jourdan and Marianne MaeckelberghMonday, October 5, 2015 7:00 p.m at the IU Cinema

In December 2010, after a Tunisian food cart vendor had his produce confiscated by the police, he set himself on fire in rebellion against repressive state forces. This single fire quickly spread into a conflagration of revolt that eventually became known as the Arab Spring. Only months later, this fire returned to the streets of Greece, while plaza occupations modeled on Cairo’s Tahrir Square were replicated across Spain, Portugal, and the U.S. SThe Greek Revolt (2011) [7 minutes]
The Oakland Commune (2012) [12 minutes]
The Battle of Oakland (2012) [22 minutes]
Madrid on the Brink (2012) [9 minutes]
Barcelona March 29th: General Strike (2012) [8 minutes]
Lisbon Calling (2012) [13 minutes]
Scenes from a Revolt Sustained (2014) [56 minutes]
Scenes from a Revolt Sustained (2014) Directed by Matt Peterson, Luhuna Carvalho, Nate LaveyA film about Tunisia and the Arab Spring, insurrection and revolution, about stability and the police, cities and unemployment, about us, about politics, about frustrations, impasses, confusions, about communication, power, youth, the future, about opposition and representation, organization and spontaneity, about suicide, about society and governance, divisions and time, about resonance, participation, survival. An essay/landscape film on the insurrection in Tunisia; with various beginnings-–2010, 1987, 1956, the present; in Ariana, Gafsa, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, and Tunis; a series of encounters with militants, rebels, fighters, unemployed, students, unionists, council communists, Stalinists, anarchists, et al. How do you organize against nationalism, neoliberalism, and religious fundamentalism; confront the limits of democracy, insurrection, and self-organization; build communism in the immediate wake of state and economic collapse? Director Matt Peterson is scheduled to be present.

Global Uprisings Short Films Night Two

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 7:00 p.m.

After the new Egyptian State violently suppressed the revolutionary movement that brought down the former regime and American police forces evicted Occupy camps across the country, it seemed to many this wave of unprecedented international unrest was an anomaly finally coming to an end. Few expected 2013–14 would give rise to massive, leaderless insurrections across Turkey, Brazil, and Bosnia while reigniting radical social movements across the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.
Egyptian Winter (2013) [10 minutes]
The Taksim Commune (2013) [32 minutes]
Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring (2014) [15 minutes]
Pieces of Madrid (2014) [18 minutes]
After Gezi: Erdogan and Political Struggle in Turkey (2014) [20 minutes]

from the IU Cinema.