Eco-Benefit @ the Bishop, May 21st


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There is a benefit event for Heartwood this Thursday, May 21st, at the Bishop. Heartwood is a network/community of mostly  eco-activists from the eastern part of the U.S.

We’re showing the movie “Wrenched” at 7:15 sharp. This movie is about the roots of radical environmentalism. some funny interviews and Ed Abbey carrying on.

Music afterward by Dana Lyons (Bellingham, Washington. long-time “movement” musician, and locals Glitter Brains and Chainsaw Mondays. Door prizes from Rhett Skateboarding, Indiana Forest Alliance, Rainbow Bakery, Uel Zing, Boxcar Books, and more.

$10 donation.

Account of Bloomington’s May Day 2015


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Last Friday, May First, hundreds of activists from Bloomington gathered at the Indiana University Sample Gates and took to the streets to celebrate International Worker’s Day. This holiday, known as May Day has been celebrated across the world since 1886 in honor of the struggle of labor against capitalism. The first May Day occurred in Chicago as a general strike of hundreds of thousands of workers demanding the eight hour day. Three days later in Haymarket Square,a large gathering in support of the strike was attacked by the police, in the confusion a bomb was thrown into the crowd killing several people. The Chicago police arrested and falsely accused several anarchist activists of the bombing, some of whom were executed or imprisoned. Since then, May Day has been an international symbol of resistance for socialists, anarchists and communists alike. The U.$. and its capitalist government has done everything in its power to erase May Day from the collective memory of the working class, but here in Bloomington in solidarity with others across the nation we took a step toward reclaiming what rightfully belongs to us!

This May Day held special significance as the attention of the masses has been drawn to the Baltimore Uprising as the latest example of mass resistance to capitalist state repression. This fact was not lost on us, and our plan to reclaim May Day quickly became an opportunity to unite the struggle against police violence with the struggle against capitalism by holding a Memorial for Freddie Gray at the conclusion of the May Day march. Our hopes for this endeavor were exceeded by the impressive turnout to both the May Day Rally and the Freddie Gray Memorial. Activists from various student and community organizations opened lines of communication that have put into motion plans to address policing and labor rights in Bloomington.

Both demonstrations took to the streets after a short rally, marching down the middle of Kirkwood avenue and back up Third Street past the Bloomington Police Department. Demonstrators carried signs inscribed with messages of “All Power to Labor” and “Black Lives Matter” side by side, indicating the unity of these struggles. Both marches blocked intersections turning ownership of the streets to us, making our message unavoidable. This experience was significant for the power of its expression but also for teaching us about the efficacy of certain tactics. We have learned that the tactics of demonstrating and marching must be suited to the cohesion of the crowd and the way the political message is mediated by national events. These are the conditions which made the marches, especially the second, successful.

Despite these minor errors, the large turnout and opening of lines of communication have created a foundation on which we can build. Those who spoke at the May Day rally helped make it clear that all struggles against oppression are aspects of the class struggle. We believe we have helped to bring this idea to the Bloomington community. For us, this is only a beginning but it was a strong one. We would like to thank everyone who attended the two demonstrations Friday for your participation and solidarity. We would also like to thank all those groups and individuals who assisted us in spreading the word, you were absolutely essential to drawing a crowd that large in such short notice.
Bloomington Anti-Capitalist Front

Mother’s Day Event at the Jail


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An event for Mother’s Day is planned outside the Monroe County jail
on College Avenue this Sunday, May 10 from 2-4pm.  Folks are getting
together to strengthen our connection and show solidarity with all the
families effected by incarceration.

Children are welcome and encouraged to come!!  There will be sign
making material for people to create special messages to those inside if
they want.

There is a similar event planned at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, which this text is
borrowed from:

“65% of the nearly quarter of a million women incarcerated in the US
have minor children. This number has been reported as high at 85% in IL.
*Indiana ranks number two in number of incarcerated parents.  What is
Mother’s Day like for these mothers? What is it like for their displaced
children? There are nearly 2 million children with an incarcerated
parent in the U.S., and that incarceration of a parent increases the
likelihood of incarceration for the children themselves, often through
what Black on Both Sides refers to as the ‘foster care to prison

This year Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration invites
individuals and groups to join us as we honor the many moms (and
daughters and sons) inside Cook County Jail. We’ll gather near Division
17, which houses pregnant women and women struggling with addiction and
mental illness. We insist that they never be forgotten behind those
walls–on this or any other day.

How can we best honor these moms on what is meant to be their special
day? Perhaps the best gift is some visibility, along with a commitment
to fight for community-based alternative to mass incarceration, and for
the resources all communities need instead of jails, prisons and police.

We invite families of persons formerly and currently incarcerated to
join us. We invite all people committed to smashing this system of state
violence to join us. We will hold a safe space of love and solidarity.
Feel free to bring photos and signs with Mother’s Day messages and
flowers and balloons. We’ll have craft supplies for kids and everyone.”

May Day 2015 Demo this Friday


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Feeling overwhelmed with studmayday2015ent debt?

Fed up with low wages?

Tired of being treated (and paid) like you’re a second-class citizen?

Join us this International Workers’ Day! Let’s all stand together for economic equity and equality. Let’s fight to turn corporations into cooperatives. Let’s demand a higher standard of living from the people who would have us on the brink of bankruptcy. Let’s stand against the capitalist system that holds all but a few back!

To show opposition to unreasonable student loan policy, pin a red cloth square to your clothing. This was used in Montreal when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest rising tuition costs. You can wear the red square at all times, if you want.

If you’re interesting in bravely and proactively taking a stand against any of these issues (or if you have an issue you’d like to add, let us know) then join us! All are welcome.

Invite all of your friends!

We’ll be marching on the courthouse after speeches from a few faculty members regarding labor and economic movements.

Live Hip Hop music from Fricktion.

Presentation by Chicago’s Centro Autonomo and Mexico Solidarity Network


Thursday 4/16 at 6pm- Upland Brewery Banquet Hall (350 W 11th Street, Bloomington, IN)

Isabel Valenzuela and Alejandro Monzon will share lessons from their work in popular education and the experience of its day to day trials and victories. Both organize with the Centro Autonomo – a community center in the immigrant neighborhood of Albany Park, Chicago. The Centro is home to a bilingual adult high school and the foundation of the Mexico Solidarity Network’s transnational organizing. Their talk will have important lessons for anyone interested in immigrant rights, radical pedagogy, community building, and the fight to change the world.