Emergency Demo for Shelter


The low-barrier winter homeless shelter closed for the season yesterday.  More than 100 people marched last night in protest of the lack of shelter.  We heard that the demo was radical and diverse, but have received no specific reports.  If you were there, please send us news, analysis, and pictures.

A bureaucratically-minded account from the  IDS:  http://idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=97516

Revised Edition of “Extending Compassion, Expecting Compliance”


Updated, reformatted, and sharpened edition of “Extending Compassion…,” an analysis of homelessness, development, and social cleansing in Bloomington.

Extending Compassion, Expecting Compliance [NEW] (8.5×11) (grey)

Extending Compassion, Expecting Compliance [NEW] (11×17) (grey)

Print and distribute everywhere.

March 6: Screening of “Insurgence”


insurgenceposter-page-001Collins Living-Learning Center in the Brown Cinema (near 11th and Woodlawn) March 6th at 8pm.  Preview:


Insurgence is a documentary about the vast social mobilization that took place in Quebec during the spring of 2012. Initially propelled by the student strike for accessible education, the scope of the movement soon broadened to take on the government, the impunity and violence of the Montreal police force, the exploitation of untapped natural resources, and the current economic system.

The strength of the “Printemps Érable” is rooted in anonymity. The movement allows the common to flow through dispersal, reaching into the solitude of each protester. Each one recognizes her situation in that of the others; affective resonance is transmuted to a point of fusion. Repression can only break up linear collectivities; here, at every turn, at every corner, the common returns in a swarm.

Printable poster for the event:  insurgenceposter

Blockade Against Logging in the Backcountry Area


geefblockadeReposted from Earth First! News:

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Glacier’s Edge Earth First! showed our love for Indiana’s wild forests with a demonstration at an active logging site in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Ten forest defenders walked onto the site carrying banners that read “Make Like a Leaf and Get the Fuck Out”, “Defend What Remains”, and an Earth flag that read “Luv It or Leave It.” Work was temporarily halted as GEEF!ers stood in front of a logging truck and expressed their opposition to the pillaging of public lands for private profit.

The Indiana Division of Forestry and the private timber industry are working together to destroy Indiana’s last wild forests. The current logging in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest Backcountry Area represents an unrelenting march of domination across Indiana’s public forests, destroying entire ecosystems in the name of private profit, legitimized by bought-and-paid-for science. Glacier’s Edge Earth First! is dedicated to defending what wild areas remain in Indiana.

Prior to being clearcut by European settlers, Indiana was covered with magnificent, towering forests of beech, maple, sycamore, chestnut, oak, hickory, ash, and more. This land was populated by bears, mountain lions, grouse, snakes, deer, buffalo, bats, wolves, and innumerable others. Along with indigenous human communities of Miami, Potawatomi, Delaware, Kickapoo, Piankeshaw, Wea, and other tribes, these non-human communities were subject to displacement at best, and extermination at worst, at the hands and axes of European settlers. The Division of Forestry is proudly carrying on this tradition of human dominance over all things natural, wiping out the few areas that have dared to reclaim the majesty of the forests that once covered our state.


Hamilton Logging, Inc, which is currently logging the Morgan-Monroe Backcountry Area, has been subject to civil and criminal charges for illegal and irresponsible logging practices in the past. The state’s decision to enter into a contract with Hamilton Logging demonstrates a dangerous and cozy relationship between a rogue timber industry and policymakers. As long as the timber industry exerts its will over our public lands, our resistance will continue.

While we recognize that today’s action was more symbolic than it was confrontational, we think that it was an important first step– to make our resistance known to the companies and government officials who profit from selling off wild lands, to let them know that we are watching.

We can no longer rely upon government and non-profits to save our public lands. We demand that all logging in Indiana’s state forests cease immediately. These forests make up only 3% of all forests in Indiana, but their potential to regrow into the same wild forests that once blanketed the state makes their protection imperative. It is up to us to defend what remains of Indiana’s wild forests. This is your land to defend. This is the line in the sand.


Glacier’s Edge Earth First!

Film Screening! “Working Slowly”



A film about 1977 in Bologna, Italy, following the interactions between two young men from the projects and students involved in Radio Alice – a radio station that refuses structure and bosses, and helps to mobilize the student movement.

Student Building 150
Wednesday 2/12 at 8:30pm

working slowly printable flyer

Construction worker falls from building, survives


Work accidents are usually the product of speed-ups, cost-cutting, and short-cuts imposed by economic rationales.  They only appear random from the disorienting perspective of the media, who provide a “neutral” screen to cover up the bosses’ responsibility.

From the IDS:

Shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday, Bloomington Fire Department responded to a report that a worker from a construction site fell from a building at the intersection of Ninth Street and College Avenue.

Upon arrival at the scene, the worker was found lying on construction debris with visible wounds from the fall, BFD said.

The worker was alert and oriented. The individual was treated at the scene and sent to IU Health Bloomington Hospital, BFD said.

BFD said there were mixed reports about where the worker fell from, but that the worker said it was from scaffolding.